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Jun 15 2010

Welcome Fjords!

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Just as I guessed – Fjords are being released on the game right now. You can only get the chance to have one if you sponsored a parent for signing up on Howrse. When they log on or when you log on, you see the special offer. However, the Fjord is only available if you […]

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Dec 24 2009

Ice Horse *Update*

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As the holidays start to come around, Howrse released an Advent Calendar; you can receive specials treats daily if you open it up for that day. Once of these special treats is a new divine horse – the Ice Horse. This can also be received as a gift by buying 30 passes. You have the […]

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Aug 17 2009

Brumby Update *Edited*

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We are all pretty anxious awaiting the arrival of the new horse breed from Australia, the Brumby. Loon Watcher has posted earlier in the Game Play forum that it they should come out soon. However, Rivenwood just updated it. Here’s the full post: I know you are all very anxious to get your new horse […]

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