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May 24 2011

The Voting System

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The BP voting system is up and running. To participate go to the creation space (under community). You’ll randomly be given 3 options and you need to pick which one you like the most     Don’t stress out too much about which one to vote in. The system is created so that everyone gets […]

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May 13 2011

The Creation Space

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Another BIG change coming up in the next week! Howrse is shifting around the black pearl, in part because of high demand for the pearl & the large number submitted causing staffing issues.   Now you’ll have three different types of artwork you can submit: The Golden Apple  – coats for horses The Horn of […]

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Jun 15 2010

Welcome Fjords!

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Just as I guessed – Fjords are being released on the game right now. You can only get the chance to have one if you sponsored a parent for signing up on Howrse. When they log on or when you log on, you see the special offer. However, the Fjord is only available if you […]

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May 29 2010

Recap – Week of May 24

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Yup, the updates are back. I’m finally finding some time, and motivation, to go back to these updates. Past Week: I added a new post on Friday about the Weekly Grand Prix Here’s a Quick Update posted on Saturday Monday: Finally! All the font choices are posted on the Animated Font Choice Page Looking for […]

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