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Jun 17 2011

Ruby: The Sleipnir’s Replacement

Ruby is a new divine that will be the new grand prize in the lottery drawing. Each day Ruby will grow, except on his birthday. (You can’t age any divines, but I’m guessing this might age by itself without being cared for. This is just a guess; it needs to be confirmed by a Ruby […]

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May 10 2011


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(Note: A post explaining new changes coming with the companions is explained below!) You can now adopt Five of them in the store and more will be coming later … The Rabbit The Monkey The Goat The Swallow The Cat What are companions? They allow you to play with your horses for the rest of […]

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Dec 24 2010

Howrse’s Holiday Present to Us: Mist

With one purchase of a pack 30 passes, you can receive the first ever divine mare, Mist. This horse can reproduce with a Snow horse to produce an Ocean horse. The skills will be passes on to the foal, but the top skill will change each day. Unlike unicorn breeding, there is no specific time […]

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Jun 08 2010

Combining Accounts, Ideas, & Divines

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I am personally a bit confused about this new upgrade on Howrse, especially since the first thing mentioned is finding an egg on your “My Horses”, which you are trying to hatch before July 6th.

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