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Jun 15 2010

Welcome Fjords!

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Just as I guessed – Fjords are being released on the game right now. You can only get the chance to have one if you sponsored a parent for signing up on Howrse. When they log on or when you log on, you see the special offer. However, the Fjord is only available if you […]

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Jun 08 2010

Combining Accounts, Ideas, & Divines

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I am personally a bit confused about this new upgrade on Howrse, especially since the first thing mentioned is finding an egg on your “My Horses”, which you are trying to hatch before July 6th.

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May 28 2010

New Graphics Color Update & New Horses!

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The new spring graphics were released yesterday and there is no switching back. Along with the coats I showed you, even more colors were added. I wasn’t able to get picture for all of them yet, but I hope to soon. If you find any that I need, please post a link in the comments. […]

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