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Jul 03 2010

Major Upgrade on July 6th

Howrse is having yet again another major upgrade. Here’s some quick points on what will be happening: Achievements will be deleted – those who are on/passed level 7 will still keep the notification on their page. Removal of unhatched eggs – family that registered under your user name will be added to your friends list […]

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May 29 2010

Recap – Week of May 24

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Yup, the updates are back. I’m finally finding some time, and motivation, to go back to these updates. Past Week: I added a new post on Friday about the Weekly Grand Prix Here’s a Quick Update posted on Saturday Monday: Finally! All the font choices are posted on the Animated Font Choice Page Looking for […]

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May 22 2010

Quick Update!

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I just want to let everyone know, I will try to finish my animated signatures and layouts for everyone today. Also, if anyone as access to the Grand Prix, please feel free to send me screen shots to my mail on Howrse or to howrsehelper.com@gmail.com.  Thanks! The Springtime Coats will be released on May 27th. […]

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May 22 2010

The Weekly Grand Prix *Update*

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Excited to enter the Howrse weekly Grand Prix? Find out some more information to see how you can win 3 passes!

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