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Jul 08 2010

Falabellas in Horns of Plenty!

Howrse gave in to all the players that said it was unfair for those who got Falabellas – They are now available in the Horns of Plenty until July 12 or until 1000 are released. I wish they didn’t do this, since it’s making them less rare. The only divine with a small amount of […]

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Jun 25 2010

Test your luck!

Just like Howrse did with the Sleipnirs, you can now find a Croesus in a Horn of Plenty! Only 200 Croesus will be hidden in the HOP. Once all of those have been found, the notification on the Home page will be deleted; great idea for us, but not for them. If they kept it […]

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May 22 2010

The Weekly Grand Prix *Update*

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Excited to enter the Howrse weekly Grand Prix? Find out some more information to see how you can win 3 passes!

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Feb 18 2010

Rare Black Market Items

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Ever dreamed about owning Hestia’s Gift, The Fifth Element, Apollo’s Lyre, Golden Spurs, and even a Sleipnir? Howrse has now allowed players to be able to purchase these items, as well as having the option to win a Sleipnir in a Horn of Plenty. The following prices are as follows: – Apollo’s Lyre 1 pass […]

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