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Dec 13 2012

“The Magic Ride” – Howrse’s Holiday Promotion

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Personally, I am very excited for this promotion. It requires little work and offers some good prizes without needing equus or passes to get them. The overall promotion is a board game – you roll the die every 8 hours and select the space you would like to move to. If you move to an […]

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Jan 15 2012

Correct Foal Games Added!

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I discovered the problem with the previous foal game schedule and fixed it. Click here to view the new schedule! I’m sorry for the long wait; objective 67 should be a breeze now! Remember to take your time while going through the schedule – it’s very easy to mix up the steps which will cause […]

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Dec 03 2011

First Video Uploaded: Help with Objective 100

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I’m finally getting into video tutorials for some extra help. The video program I planned on using didn’t work properly, so I had to create a slideshow instead. I plan on adding more as soon as the program is working! Don’t forget to subscribe on Youtube!

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Apr 21 2011

Happy Birthday Howrse!

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Today, April 21, 2011, marks the day of Howrse’s 4th year of existence and counting! To celebrate on Howrse, there will be a Star Rain (basically just star UFOs) that allow you to capture a myriad of prizes! This is only on International Howrse, as the other versions came out at a different time. Enjoy! […]

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