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Aug 06 2010

New Pages on HH!

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With Howrse’s glitch last night, I decided it was time to begin to update the site some more. (All players received 200 sand for the wait) First off, I would like to thank Howrse user Balaban for mentioning things about the site that gave me an idea to add these two new features. BM Trading […]

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Apr 19 2010

Drum Roll Please…

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After a few weeks of putting this together, I finally created a forum (http://www.howrsehelper.com/forum) for HowrseHelper! You can now post questions there where myself and other experience players can answer you! There is also a spot for advertising and games and riddles. Because I added this, the Players’ Page will probably be removed. I will […]

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Aug 06 2009

Layout Training Session

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I was able to post a HTML training session on how to make layouts for Howrse. It’s not hard to learn and very easy to make. Once you have a pretty good understanding, you can even create your own business! Pre-made but customizable layouts are coming soon!

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