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Feb 21 2012

Important Updates & Help with Objectives

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Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been on within the past few weeks. I approved all pending comments, but I do not have the time to reply to them. So if any of you see a recent comment without a response, try to help each other out. I will not be able to be on […]

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Feb 09 2012

New Western Objectives

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Western Objectives. Like the former objectives, you now have the option of participating in western objectives. Some of the objectives are available for the entire 3 week period, and they are 3 different difficulty levels. You have to complete the first level in order to move onto the second and third.   Every Monday at […]

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Nov 29 2011

Newest Updates: Objectives Added!

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Howrse introduced several new changes today: Objectives: 91 to 100 have been added! More will come in 2012 View the added objectives here! Rookie Competitions: Similar to the competitions for horses under 20 wins, but the horse cannot have skills higher than 1/3 of the highest skilled horse on the game (ex: if the highest […]

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Apr 19 2011

Quick Updates!

There are several new changes on Howrse/HH to be announced: (Updated April 20) Players have been asking for a modified foal games due to the new changes. Thanks to BlackRoseMaiden for providing them, they’re here for you! (Available for games used with kilograms here) Luckily, Howrse adjusted the chances of getting a unicorn! Make sure […]

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