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Aug 01 2011

HH’s Second Anniversary: Contest!

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Starting back in July of 2009, HowrseHelper was created by myself as a fun extra project as I spent my early days on Howrse. On August 1, 2009, I bought the domain, HowrseHelper.com. Now two years later, the website has only gotten a stronger and stronger fan base. I’m up to about 1,000 views each […]

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Aug 05 2010

Upgrade 3.3.1

I can’t believe it’s already time for the next upgrade! I was so overwhelmed when I saw the Sand promotion, water fight, and then this, knowing I would have to blog about all of them. xD There was a glitch with the EC rankings – ECs ranked in the 50’s dropped down to 15,000. All […]

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Jun 15 2010

Welcome Fjords!

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Just as I guessed – Fjords are being released on the game right now. You can only get the chance to have one if you sponsored a parent for signing up on Howrse. When they log on or when you log on, you see the special offer. However, the Fjord is only available if you […]

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Feb 27 2010

“Special” Horse – The Harlequin *Update*

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The new special horse, the Harlequin, is coming soon to Equideow. Could it possibly be coming to Howrse?

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