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Apr 25 2010

“Improve My EC!”

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As I advance through the game, I still remember what it was like to start off an EC and wonder how top EC could get to be that good. Although I have not yet reached the top, I still know all the tips on how to get there. In my spare time, I will go […]

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Apr 11 2010

Quick Update for HowrseHelper!

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With a lot of spare time on my hands, I was able to add some more things to the site (expect some more coming tomorrow or even later tonight!). This includes every Archimedes answer and some new navigation links on the right sidebar. Even with all this time, I wasn’t able to create a button […]

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Aug 17 2009


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Howrse Helper posted  a poll asking what would you like to be added to the site to fit your needs. The majority of you asked to have more tips. When I think of them, I add them but lately, I haven’t had the time. I have decided to dedicate this post for players who are […]

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Aug 01 2009


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Welcome to HowrseHelper.WordPress.com! Here, we offer tips, help, and much more for the online game, Howrse. Since we are just starting, the site is a little unorganized at the moment. We should be up and running soon. In the comments section, post you user name on Howrse and people can then find you on Howrse […]

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