Jan 17 2015

Adding Large Boxes

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After you have six large meadows and about 800,000e (should take about 4 summers/months), it’s time to purchase large boxes!

With the new EC features, it will be possible to create boxes for a cheaper price. With this in mind, don’t get too eager with purchasing boxes.

Remember: if you want to earn the highest prestige, hold off until you have the equus to purchase large boxes. Large boxes will cost around 200,000e so it will take some time to accumulate enough. Prices vary day to day. You should be able to get one for 190,000e (for international server; cheaper on other servers). To obtain optimum prestige, you will need to add 100 large boxes. If you have pass horses (mortal horses dying after the age of 30 and send heaven), use a pass at the secret market to avoid spending equus.

To purchase a box, click the green plus sign on the boxes page.

Don’t add boxes too quickly! Make sure you have enough benefits for your boarders before you purchase a new box. Also each box requires one acre.

Showers and Bedding:

Adding one shower per box will increase prestige. Start adding showers once you feel you have enough boxes or add one after the purchase of each box. Lowest prices for showers are about 150,000e. Wait for the price to drop if it’s too expensive. Grow flax bedding to offer the best bedding for your boarders.

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  1. Ivankaon 02 Jun 2017 at 9:18 am

    I just set up my own equestrian center yesterday, and your tips were very helpful. They helped me quite a lot, as have many of the other things that you have posted on this website. I hope you continue to post these helpful things, because I get muddled up every so often!!

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