Feb 22 2015

Newest Additions

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This will be updated soon, but here’s the general idea. I will incorporate this information into the other pages as well.

New resources:

Depending on the location you chose for your EC, you can harvest different materials:

  • Forest (wood)
  • Mountains (iron)
  • Beach: (sand)

A second lesson, titled “missions”, will provide the equestrian center with the above resources (Normal lessons still exist, offering equus for the EC). With these resources and others bought from the store, you will be able to create most of the necessary items for your EC. Prices in the store will change daily, depending on supply and demand.


*Scarecrows in the meadows will now be replaced with tractors. You will receive a tractor for every meadow that had a scarecrow. Troughs will also be added to both boxes and the meadows. Troughs added to the boxes will not count towards prestige, but they allow horses to obtain four time the amount of energy through the drinking action.

With workshops, you can make boxes, greenhouses, or other workshops. It seems these workshops can create box equipment and mashes. The amount of workshops you can own depends on the prestige of your EC. Time for production varies on the product. The workshops will wear, just like the boxes do, and will have to get repaired; workshops will become disabled, rather than getting destroyed.

There will be three different sized greenhouses and will wear out when used.


You can now have fields dedicated to raising cows, which will produce leather for tack. Because of this addition, SIX fields can be used for cows/crops. Using a trough in the field allows you to obtain 30% more leather.

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