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Starting Your EC

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Don’t jump into everything right away – start off with these tips to achieve high prestige and profits. Remember: it is no longer possible to restart your EC. 

Quick Summary:

  1. Set specialty/location/boarding price
  2. Save equus until you can purchase a large meadow (do not purchase anything smaller!)
  3. Grow wheat in the summer and sell all for profit
  4. Purchase another large meadow, grow wheat, repeat until you have 6 meadows
  5. Continue to grow crops until you’ve reached 800,000e
  6. Purchase large 3 star boxes only

***It could take a month or two until you add boxes. If you save up to buy the best products, you’ll reach a higher prestige much faster than buying low quality products and selling them back.

In order to start your EC, you need 20 days of seniority or a business key (2 passes), which gives access to the EC and sales. Once you have access, click “Create my equestrian center” at the top left corner. Some details need to be set before you begin…


Howrse now offers several locations for your EC. Boarders will progress twice as fast for certain rides depending on where your EC is located. Note: this cannot be changed.

  • Forest: quicker skill gain for forest rides; I believe it allows for cheaper boxes?
  • Mountain: quicker skill gain for mountain rides
  • Beach rides: quicker skill gain for beach rides

Riding Specialty:

Riding Specialty affects what tack and competitions your EC provides. There tend to be more classical competitions available than western. If you choose western as your specialty, your competitions may be run more regularly automatically. Another plus is three star western tack is cheaper than three star classical tack. Providing three star tack will offer the highest prestige…this is listed in more depth below.

There is no right/wrong choice for the above details.

On the start-up page there is an option to create a presentation for your EC page. This is a nice spot to summarize what your EC offers and what you plan to do. HH has EC layouts available here. You do not need to update this immediately; it can be accessed any time at Community > My Page > click on your EC name on the right > right hand corner of presentation is an edit button.

Explaining the EC Office: Setting the Requirements

Before adding boxes or meadows, look at requirements for your EC. I’ll address the tabs left to right as shown on Howrse.


-Set a price: Start out at the lowest price. Your EC won’t have much the first few days so players won’t be as willing to pay a high price. Boarding does not bring in much income so high prices won’t be as effective.

-Skill requirement: Leave this at zero for now. After your prestige increases to around 30%-50% try setting a minimum of 1000 skills or so. Never make a drastic change! Raise the minimum about 40 skill points higher than the median skills of horses boarded.

-Minimum/Maximum duration: this will not affect prestige; personal choice

-Lesson price/gain depends on the skills of the horses boarded at your center

Benefits for Boarders:

-Before adding any benefits, save your money to purchase a large meadow! Come back to this section once your EC is ready to accept boarders.

-All of these need to be supplied to get the highest prestige. For tack, you must have one item in inventory per box in order for the item to be offered to the boarders. If you have 10 boxes, you need 10 pieces of tack. If a boarder uses one and your inventory drops to 9, the item will not be available until you’re back at 10. To ensure there’s enough in your inventory, have about 5 extra items in your inventory at all times. For food items, you need 150/box (fodder), 75/box (oats), 15/box (carrots), 15/box (mash). ***In order to show on the EC registration page, you need double the amount per box

-Seasons for growing crops are listed here; growing mash is cheaper than purchasing it.

-Currently two star tack and three star tack will have the same effect on prestige. In the future, ECs will be able to create their own tack and that’s when the effect would change. To prepare for the future, I would suggest supplying three star tack.


-Board extension requests will be listed here along with crop and inventory updates.

 Now that all the details are set, it’s time to move onto earning equus by growing crops. 25,ooo equus have been added to your reserve and hopefully you already have some from normal game play. Do not purchase any boxes until you have enough equus to purchase a three star box. Their prices fluctuate, so keep an eye on it while your earning equus to see what lowest price is available.



If possible, purchase a large meadow from the secret market for one pass. This allows you to use equus for other purchases. If you do not have a pass to spend, keep an eye on price of a large meadow over the next few days (Purchase meadows by clicking the green plus sign on the meadow page). It’s not worth it to purchase a small meadow. You have a limit of growing crops on five meadows at a time. If you use large meadows (25 acres), you’ll be able to harvest more crops. 

-Try to save up equus to purchase a large meadow (25 acres). You should only be a few thousand equus away! Be patient and wait a few days to earn the equus. Earn equus on your main account by selling items back to the store or completing lessons and entering horses in competitions. This will also allow you to accumulate manure which can be used to create fertilizer

-Plant flax in the spring and wheat in the summer to bring in equus. One harvest of wheat on a 25 acre meadow with fertilizer can bring in 35,000e, instantly paying for the meadow (Remember to keep flax bedding, but sell all straw bedding). With that profit, purchase a second meadow and continue to grow flax/wheat. Continue to purchase 25 acre meadows until you have six. Use five for crops and one for horses. One 25 acre meadow is enough land for 25 horses. Using five meadows for crops will instantly bring in more than 100,000e in one harvest.

Saving equus in the beginning to purchase these big meadows really is the most crucial part to starting a successful EC.

Next page: Growing Crops


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  1. waffleman121on 06 Dec 2015 at 2:17 pm

    if i destroy a meadow will i get the tractor back and/or can i move the tractor?

  2. Jessicaon 11 Dec 2015 at 10:00 pm

    @waffleman121: I believe the tractor will get destroyed as well.

  3. waffleman121on 24 Dec 2015 at 2:43 pm

    ok thanks

  4. Curiouson 03 Jan 2016 at 12:50 am

    How much does each sized meadow cost? (I don’t have the seniority to access the EC store yet) Thanks for all you do running this site and answering questions. :)

  5. Jessicaon 03 Jan 2016 at 8:54 pm

    @Curious: Small is 2,700e, medium is 10,000e, and large is 60,000e

  6. Ellen13on 23 Aug 2017 at 8:56 am

    How do I make one ?

  7. Saraon 22 Oct 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Thank you so much for adding these! I’ve been playing on the Canadian server (santa kitty horse, add me) for a few years with my EC but it hasn’t done well, I’m restarting it using these tips in hopes of reaching my goals!

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