Apr 18 2010

Winter Games (any temperature)

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QUICK TIP: If you don’t have enough energy for the amount of playing, stroke an Xanthos. Make sure that the foal you are playing with is the horse with the lowest energy. Don’t try to play extra games with extra energy – you may run out of time (which will drop the energy for the next day).

Maybe wait another real-life day to train the foal again so you can use the extra energy from the Xanthos again.


8 MONTHS: (8 hours)

groom // drink // play 7.5 hours // stroke // carrot // feed amount required // play 30 min



10 MONTHS: (9 hours)

groom // drink // play 8.5 hours // stroke // carrot // feed 14 lb // play 30 min //



1 YEAR: (9.5 hours)

groom // drink // play 9.5 hours // stroke // carrot // feed



1 YEAR 2MONTHS: (10.5 hours)

groom // drink // play 10 hours // play 30 minutes // stroke // carrot // feed



groom // drink // play 10 hr // play 1.5 hour // stroke // carrot // feed 20 lbs // play 1.5 hours

Your foal will be down to 16% but it won’t die overnight.

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  1. Valheruon 22 May 2014 at 4:50 pm


    Then you messed something up, or you aren’t playing on the international howrse.com I have done this and there are actually 2 extra hours of play in this schedule that can be excluded on the last day (you can check skill gain under the play menu, if the skills gained doesn’t go up for adding a last hour, then you are maxed)

    not sure why it didn’t work but I just got my net full 60 with a colt just 20 seconds ago (the reason i’m on this page heh)

    @Lily lighty I’ve also never needed anything on the horse, the 1 yra 4 omnths is actually set to take up the entire day so having an extra stroke with no time for it wouldn’t matter. Though a good idea as with 2 extra hours in the training schedule you can still get it in.

    Just make sure if you do mess up one day, that you don’t go past 22:00 game time before putting the horse to sleep and it has 20% energy. and you miss less then 2 hours of play and you can usually make it up during the last block. If you put the horse to bed after 22:00 or with less then 20% energy on any day, but the very last day (the 1 yr 4 months) it becomes almost impossible to do.

    The guide pretty much has to be done in the exact order stated or you won’t get the right amount of energy for feeding the horse, pasture, or energy will be lost as the horse can’t go above 100% energy. If you need to, copy and paste this over into a word document and bullet point the lists so it’s not in a text time (or number then) and then go over it, use the History on the lower left to see where you are at on the list if you lose your spot (I have to do this alot)

  2. Valheruon 22 May 2014 at 4:54 pm

    Oh and forgot to add, A VERY IMPORTANT PART. When you board your foal in an equestion center,

    Set the cleanliness filter for the pasture to 90% MINIMUM when looking for equestrian center (the filter is under advanced search options) you might be able to go lower, but to be safe, make sure cleanliness of the pasture is over 90%, that they have carrots. And it also helps if the pasture are fertile (i set that at 90% minimum too) The reason why cleanliness matters and fertility, cleanliness allows them to get more energy in the pasture, fertility has them eat more. They also get energy from the food in the pasture so it’s extra energy!

  3. ShuraIzuraon 09 Aug 2014 at 9:17 am

    The eight hours for the last one can be switched down to seven and the 0.5 hours in the pasture can be eliminated completely, as well as the final hour. The foal will still gain the last skill points and it will get to bed before 22:00. If that helps~

  4. Dean Winchesteron 12 Jan 2015 at 2:21 pm

    I think that howrse removed turnips :( and replaced it with mash? Does that make a difference?

  5. Jessicaon 18 Jan 2015 at 6:49 pm

    @Dean Winchester: Mash can replace turnips. The use the same amount of time and offer the same energy increase. Mash can now be given every day.

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