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Game Play Tips

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By following these tips, your game play can improve over time! Click the links to view the topic you would like:

    1. Starting your game
    2. Earning Equus
    3. Raising Your Ranking
    4. Training Your Horse
    5. Winning Competitions
    6. Creating/Editing Your Layout

1. Starting Your Game

When you first begin – don’t worry about increasing your ranking/competing against other players – just have fun and get to know the website. Follow the tutorials offered by Howrse (note that if you cancel the tutorial, you can’t get it back.) Not only will these help you get used to the game, they will also supply BM items. You can use these, or sell them later on to other players for profit (although most you need to put on your horse in order to complete the task). Raise your equus reserve by caring for your horse and entering competitions close to or below your horse’s skill level. If are concerned about your ranking at this point, don’t purchase any new horses. Train your foundation horse to get used to training. You can also read tips on improving your ranking to get an early start. Once you have enough money/passes, purchase a foal with the highest GP you can afford. Begin to train that horse and breed it later on if you would like. Your game ranking will improve if your horses have high skills. If your playing for fun or for ranking, don’t rush into the game right away. Try not to buy many items that you won’t need.
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2. Earning Equus:

The quickest way for small cash is to sell back items to the store. If you are trying to just raise up your amount of equus over time, there are several ways:

Caring for your horse: Taking care of your horse will actually earn you equus over time. If you board your horse in an equestrian center with several amenities, especially food and treats, you do not have to use your own resources. Work your horse through lessons and competitions. The earnings will give you a profit over the price of boarding; it takes patience and time to notice the increase in equus.

Selling BM items: This will most likely give you the most amount of equus in a short amount of time. Advertise the items you are selling on your page and in private EC forums – not the public forums. There is also a page here on HH to advertise as well. All prices vary for each player, but you can negotiate to get the deal you want. To get the quickest deal, post in the Item Exchange on Howrse to put your item on the market. Keep an eye on the market! Prices fluxuate, especially with promotions. Golden Apples can sell for as much as 100,000e! Set your price slightly below the current highest listing for that item.

Training Foals to Sell: This can take time, patience, and effort. I don’t recommend this to all players, but if you’re up for it, try it! You will need to train a foal that is a breed that’s high in demand during that time. Also, it’s GP needs to be very close to those horses top in the rankings. This isn’t always successful either – your horse will get sold, but not necessarily for the price you might have wanted. Follow these training tips to train your horse and earn the most skills possible. Once BLUP and skills are completely finished, put your horse up on the market for passes, equus, or both. In order to sell the horse, the price needs to be reasonable. Even though the amount of BM items on the horse might total 20 passes, you can’t try to sell it for that many. (Unless it is worth it because it’s ranking). Try to create a reasonable price and offer to negotiate the price, so the buyer will be more interested. A rule that I follow when buying is 1 pass is equivalent to about 8,00e to 10,000e. Feel free to use this when trying to figure out a price.

Selling Foals: Purchase a high skilled mare (try to find the highest skilled/GP horse you can buy) that has training and BLUP completed. Use Breeding BM items and produce a foal. Sell the foal for a few thousand equus, or even 500e and a pass. Don’t do foal games yet – sell it between a few hours old and 6 months. Players feel more comfortable completing games themselves, so they know they got the highest GP gain. This may not earn many equus and is a bit risky – only the top GP horses can be sold for a high price.

Stroke Horses & Divines: This will give you the smallest amount of equus, but will be beneficial if it’s done everyday. Try to stroke a horse in the Safe Haven (must have 10 days of seniority; go to Breeding > The Office > Last tab), stroke an Xanthos (a divine horse that gives you the chance to earn 1,000e & a HOP – list posted here), or answer a question proposed by the Archimedes (will win an aging point if answer is correct. Sell the aging point for equus if needed: list posted here; answers to questions posted here)
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3. Raising Your Ranking

Take a look at the rankings – both General and Breeder. By improving in these categories, your ranking will rise. There are also some other aspects to improve that aren’t listed here. First, the topics from the ranking:

Popularity: Popularity does seem to have a small affect on the ranking. By congratulating about 50 people per day, your popularity rank will rise.

Reserve: There is a ranking for the wealthiest breeders, but I personally don’t think that really has an affect, compared to the other aspects to improve on. However, the more equus you have, the more likely your ranking will be higher.

Number of Horses: The more amount of horses you have, the higher the ranking. However, skills matter too!

Number of Competitions Won: Not the most important, but winning a certain amount of competitions will help. Winning less than 20 probably won’t have an affect, though.

Number of Horses Cared For: By taking care of your horses, your ranking will increase. The more the better. Caring for at least 7 or 8 will bump up your ranking. (Compared to caring for one or two)

Skills of Your Horses: This is why you shouldn’t bulk on untrained horses – having completely trained horses with high skills on your account will definitely help. And of course, the more the better (Number of Horses Owned).

If you work on all of these together, your ranking will improve over time. The one with the most affect would probably be a combination of number of horses owned, number of horses taken care of, and skills of the horses.
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4. Training Your Horse

View these two pages to see tips on training your horse. First, view this page (Key To Training) to read about important background information as well as some hidden tips. Then move on to Training Your Horse to see an ideal schedule.
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5. Winning Competitions

(This is also posted on the training page) When you are looking to win competitions, rather than entering them for skill, look at the other competing horses registered. Compare their skills (as well as bonuses) to your horse. If the skills are similar, but the competing horse has fewer bonuses, you are more likely to win. If the situation is reserved and the competing horse has more bonuses, that horse is more likely to win. Sometimes you may not have time to view the bonuses if there is only one spot left for the competition. Quickly open the competitors’ pages in new tabs and glance at the skills.

Don’t think that just because your horse is good in Jumping (used as an example) that it has to enter Jumping competitions. That can be it’s worst skill and you can still win. There is a certain strategy behind this: If the horse’s best skill is Jumping, enter competitions that are both reserved for that select breed, but also available to all breeds. If Jumping is it’s the highest skill, other breeds enter the competitions might have that as a lower set skill. For the next example, I’ll use Speed as the lowest skill. When entering Speed competitions, strictly enter competitions reserved for the same breed. This way, all the horses competing have this skill as the lowest, so the competing horses won’t have much of an advantage over your horse. Be sure to always check the competing horses’ skills!
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6. Creating/Editing Your Layout

There are several tutorials posted here on HowrseHelper to help with layouts, as well as free layouts. These are all posted under the Layout tab. Tips when creating your layout:

    • Try not to make the colors too bright or too dark.
    • If you are using a picture background, make sure the text can be read over the picture. Making the picture transparent will help along with using contrasting colors.
    • Make sure the picture fits in your layout – players won’t want to have to scroll to see the rest of the picture
    • Just like the picture, change the presentation size (on your page, click the Options button to change) so your layout fits with minimal scrolling
    • If you post a lot of pictures/icons, try to keep them contained in a scrolling text box

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