Apr 20 2011

Training BM Items

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All items have an obvious use; yet others can also be used in training.

Chronos’ Timer: Probably one of my favorites. This doubles the speed it takes to train your horse, completing training at a younger age. The early put on, the better.

Achilles’ Heel: This item allows your horse to go to bed after 22:00 with 0% energy and it will wake up fine the next day. Truly a great item for training. If you add this along with the Philotes’ Stroke, you’ll get double the training in one day. I typically train until it drops to 0%, give the horse two strokes, a turnip, a carrot, and feed it last (which will give it the most energy if done last). The horse now has another 50% energy and I continue to train until there’s no more energy or if I run out of time – the horse still can’t do actions past midnight. Also, add extra oats when you feed your horse – mine typically got up to 7.7 every day.

Morpheus’ Arms: Not exactly a training item, but it will allow you to train more in one day. This item allows you to age your horse without using aging points.

Nyx Pack: Combines Chronos’ Timer, Morpheus’ Arms, Philosopher’s Stone (offers immortality), and Nyx’s Star (wakes horse up at 6:00 instead of 8:00). This item costs 6 passes. If you have the passes to spend, it’s nice, but it’s not needed to train your horse. You can still use just a Chronos’ Timer, it might take a bit longer than if you were to use a Nyx Pack, but it still works just fine.

Piece of Cloud: After giving this to your horse, it will go backwards four months in age and you will receive two aging points. (Suggested to give your horse the cloud in the middle of the day, around 16:00 or so, so you still have time to preform some actions and put to bed.) The only thing that changes is the horses age. There is an opportunity to get more training done before a certain age when using this item.

Water of Youth: This item slows down a horse’s aging from two months to just one month. Although this can get annoying if you have a mare that’s in gestation, it will help benefit the skills. Always participate in a lesson everyday with your horse – it can add around .4 to .5 skill to your horse (depending what the lesson gain is at the EC your horse is boarding at). You will get double the lesson gain than a horse without the Water of Youth; you can preform two lessons per two months while without the WOY, it will only be one lesson every two months. If a lesson is done everyday with a WOY, you can receive about 50 or so extra skills.

Black Orchid: The Black Orchid is usually used when a horse’s health/energy is too low and your can’t bring it up with anything else. The orchid will bring energy, health, and morale all back up to 100%. This is a great item to use when doing long rides. Take a long ride until it’s as close to 0% energy as possible.(jumping/gallop, doesn’t matter. If you can only used one Black Orchid, jumping requires more energy, so it may be wiser to do jumping rides). Use a black orchid (should be around 14:00 or 15:00 for the time of day) Then perform another few hours of riding (about 4 for jumping) and go back down to 0% energy. Make sure you have the time to build energy back up! After that ride, it should be about 19:45/20:45. *If you even have extra time and energy, try to train more! The feed requirement for grain will be about 149 to 161, depending on how much activity your horse did. It’s not possible to feed more than 131 ounces a day, so don’t worry about it. It shouldn’t be a problem. Just don’t use this method all the time on your horse, in case it may result in weight loss.

Other items, such as Eolus’ Wind, Seahorse, and Medusa’s Blood: Although these items won’t help with training, it will offer bonuses for certain skills during competitions. These will increase your horses performance in a competition. They are nice to have, but are just bonuses.

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  1. Adlaion 18 Jan 2012 at 3:01 am

    Does anyone know what happens to Howrses with water of youth after age 25? If they age 1 month for every real-life day but health goes down by 2% per real-life day, do they ever live past 30 years to generate a pass?

  2. Jessicaon 19 Jan 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Health will drop 1% instead of 2% – they can be used as pass horses.

  3. lily lighty@howrse.comon 13 Jan 2013 at 12:28 pm

    Thanks Helpful also…I would add a Good Description on a Achilles heal even though it has almost no effect on training alot of players get confused with it and not having it

  4. Jessicaon 13 Jan 2013 at 3:44 pm

    It has such a high effect on training! I finished training my horse and got it to 20 competition wins by the time it was 6 years old. I’ve never finished training a horse that early! I would this is one of the most efficient items, along with Chronos’ Timer.

  5. gRAM2ROMon 17 Jun 2013 at 1:21 am

    Philotes’ Stroke needs to be added to this list. The double stroke ability really aids in the foal games. combining the Stroke and Heel negates the need to follow a foal games schedule and I always manage to complete them 2-4 mo early using both of them.

    Also, it has MYRIAD uses in trsaining! I use it to get in a extra half-hour of Dressage each night.

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